Brand Management

Good brand management keeps your company on track. There are many different ideas about the nature of branding. For Klinecom purposes, branding is not just a nice logo. It’s everything your company does that projects an image to your customers and prospects. Your target customers should feel as good about your company as you do. And be compelled to do business with you.


The Branding Makeover

Your business has been using a “shotgun” approach to key image and promotional elements. Every project is treated separately and was probably written and produced by different people who don’t really know much about what you do. Or, your branding efforts haven’t produced the desired results and you’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that your target prospects simply don’t know you.

Klinecom will begin with an assessment of your situation, sharpen your understanding of your prospects and how best to reach them, and then develop a Core Marketing Message and Positioning Statement that will articulate who you are, what you do, who you do it to, how you do it, and why you do it better than others. Then, we will help shape your Power Message that you will use consistently to drive your brand.

Klinecom will then create strong and compelling marketing communications. This may or may not include a new logo, depending upon your situation. We’ll do a makeover of your website, brochures, signage, promotions, and advertising so that they all work together to build equity in your brand for maximum short and long term effect.

David Kline can also serve as a Brand Manager for you to insure that your company stays on track with its Branding Makeover and doesn’t fall back into the old ineffective “shotgun” patterns.


Brand Management

Your business has a reasonably solid brand in place with a clearly articulated marketing message, but you need compelling ideas and creative approaches to your marketing communications and help keeping your branding on a positive track.


We make every effort to provide the kind of quality large companies demand but keep prices small business friendly.